And a bit of background…


Eyeball Brewing came about through a combination of different forces: too many years running and talking about other people’s businesses, while trying to satisfy a love of beer by brewing in the shed (and kitchen, and living room…).


A move back to Edinburgh (where my wife and I met), and the opportunity to join the flourishing beer scene, was too good an opportunity to miss.


I’m on course to have the first beers out there by September / October 2016. Take a look at this post for a bit more detail on immediate plans.


– James Dempsey


Lager. But not as you know it.


It’s great to be a beer drinker in the UK right now. Small breweries have driven a renaissance in traditional British ales and a wave of innovation inspired by the US craft beer revolution (funny how we have a renaissance and they have a revolution).


There are some good new lagers out there. But still lager looks a poor relation at this exciting time for the whole beer family. Eyeball Brewing has been set up with the aim of doing something about this.


What can lager be? That’s the question I’m setting out to answer. I want big, clean flavours. I want to showpiece the king of the brewing ingredients – the malt. That’s what lagers do best.


(Don’t worry hop fiends, I’m working on something for you too)


That’s the aim, now to get on with the journey. Please join me.




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