Website logoWelcome to Eyeball Brewing. It’s May 2016 and  I’m pleased to say that I’m making good progress in getting the beer flowing.

The pilot brews are tasting good and a location for the brewery is close to being confirmed in sunny East Lothian, subject, of course, to the relevant licenses and permissions. Unfortunately getting a brewery up and running isn’t always straight forward.

Luckily the plan for having the first beers produced by September 2016 is still on track, with the help of my friends at The Richmond Brewing Company.

While working on the set-up in Scotland I’m going to be getting things up and running by brewing with Chris and Pete, who have already been a great source of advice. So for the first few months at least this is going to be Scottish lager with a Yorkshire accent!

Updates are likely to be infrequent for a while, but keep and eye on this site and on social media and I’ll post news as it happens. Cheers!

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