A pale, intensely malty lager that celebrates the flavours that pale malt can bring to a beer: rich, toasty, bready, with a hint of sweetness. At a time when hops are often given top billing, Eyeball Yellow makes malt the star of the show. Think Munich Helles on overdrive. The finish is clean with full carbonation, for an easy drinking, crisp beer.

Food matches

As a clean, pale Eyeball Yellow goes well with the delicate flavours of salads, fish or pork. However, its malty body and full carbonation means it stands up well to stronger flavours, particularly spices. It’s very good with light Thai curries. When it comes to cheeses, Yellowball goes well with soft, buttery varieties such as Brie, Gouda or goat’s cheese. Also good with Mozzarella.


Great in a straight sided pilsner glass. A stemmed flute, or a stange (simple cylindrical glass) also work well.